Album: Be More Kind

John is back at Iguana Studios once again joined this time by artist Frank Turner, but there’s a twist! In an exciting first for Tape Notes this episode’s producer , Josh Block, is coming to us live from the other side of the Altantic at his studio Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas.

We hear how Frank’s approach to his latest album led him to push beyond  the guitar based  arrangements of previous work. The journey takes us through many demos, one of which Frank confesses they all grew to vehemently dislike, but of course it still left it’s mark on the record.

There are tips and tricks that are likened to ‘vocal and rhythm butter’ and Josh talks about how he made the move from artist, as a past member of the band White Denim, to producer and the foundation of Nile City Sound.

Tracks discussed: Be More Kind, Brave Face, 21st Century Survival Blues